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Do you have a Wellbeing Strategy at Work?

Wellbeing at work is not all about free fruit, fitness activities and yoga, and if it is, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. So what is wellbeing and what…
An interview with Dr Doreen Miller

An interview with Dr Doreen Miller

Tell us a bit more about yourself? I’ve never been great at talking about myself, but I am absolutely passionate about occupational health and wellbeing at work. Throughout my life…

COVID and Comms

Occupational Health – COVID and Comms The COVID-19 crisis is far from over. During the lockdown, businesses across the globe have been severely impacted.  Unfortunately for many, their doors remain shut….
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Managing Risk at Work

The Risk Assessment and Risk Management Approach Certain events will define moments in our lives. COVID-19 will certainly define an era in all of our lives. At time of writing, we have seen 13.4m reported cases and 580,000 COVID-19 deaths across…