Business Health Risks

Most organisations have procedures to ensure compliance with relevant Health & Safety legislation. The risks of non-compliance here are obvious – potentially prosecution and negative publicity.

However, business health risk is considered if your company is often directly related to the health of your people. Symptoms such as ill health, poor performance, and behavioural disorders in the workplace cannot be fully understood by management and HR professionals alone.


What can go wrong?

The major business risks are frequently thought to arise from only external factors such as the economy, competition, and access to credit. In contrast, internal factors that should be within an organisation’s control or influence are either not considered or given scant attention.  The major internal risk relates to the human capital of an organisation. In short – what’s up with your people?

The obvious symptoms of Human Capital Risk include:

  • Absenteeism – long-term and short-term
  • Poor performance
  • Behavioural problems
  • Grievances – leading to legal claims
  • Presenteeism – they show up, but don’t perform to their full potential

Where does it hurt?

Human Capital Risks can cost you dearly in terms of money and brand damage. Absenteeism alone costs UK companies £29 billion a year based on PricewaterhouseCooper’s research: see their report here. One high profile court case could seriously dent the year’s profits as well as devalue the share price.

Prevention is better than cure

We do things differently. Working strategically with senior management and liaising closely with your HR department, we see the benefit and long-term cost savings of anticipating risks and delivering proactive health and wellbeing programmes, rather than just reacting when problems arise. Founded 20 years ago by leading occupational health consultant Dr Doreen Miller, we understand business, budgets and the need to deliver tangible outcomes.

Where does it hurt?