We believe employee health creates business wealth, and our proven case studies and testimonials show the success working with Miller Health brings.

We provide in house consultancy, offering a comprehensive range of services alongside occupational health advice and support.

Our services include:

Pre-placement health questionnaires
  • Have you ever had a new employee who goes off sick during the probationary period and you don’t know if they had a health condition before they joined you?
  • You can’t discriminate against new employees but using a PPHQ once the job is offered allows the OH professionals to identify health problems which can be solved or adjustments made before the employee starts to work for you.
  • No surprises and no sudden spells of sickness absence, short term or long term.
  • Identify your health risks and manage them before they manage you.
Sickness absence management
  • Have you ever worked out the direct and indirect cost of your sickness absence? Did you know that the indirect is up to 3 x the direct cost?
  • Early intervention by Miller Health can reduce the cost of sickness absence and facilitate an earlier return to work, saving you money
  • We can deal with work and home issues which are often connected.
  • By knowing the organisation and the jobs in your business, we can get your employees back to work quickly with our creative approach to rehabilitation.
  • We have particular skills in helping employees with disabilities return to productive work
Health Benefits
  • We help identify the right health benefits for your organisation, from private medical insurance, to critical illness, income protection and employee assistance programmes.
  • We also look at other benefits and initiatives to help create a healthy, safe and positive workplace for your employees
Ill-health retirement
  • Do you know the criteria for your employees’ ill-health retirement?
  • Ill health retirement is complex, many organisations find the process time consuming and confusing, and if not done correctly, may end up with a costly appeal
  • We help with every step of the process, so that you can be rest assured that it is being dealt with in a competent manner
Health and well-being advice
  • As an employer, it is important that you have the knowledge, experience and skills to identify
    • workplace dangers
    • health and safety
    • wellbeing and enhanced health
  • Many organisations turn to Miller Health to get extra specialist help and support

We provide bespoke services to suit your unique business requirements