Inforgraphic displaying data related to employee sickness in the UK

The Financial Times ‘Health at Work’ November 2019

The Economic Impact

Sick staff cost British firms £77.5bn a year for the UK economy. This includes the economic impact of absence due to illness and presenteeism, which is people coming into work either physically or mentally ill.

A 2019 study revealed that employees lose 35.6 days of productive time every year (on average) due to ill health or presenteeism. This equates to a massive 7 working weeks of productive time every single year.

There are clearly many reasons why absenteeism and presenteeism occurs, and we work through layers of complex information and insights to identify that root cause within your business, and from there, provide the best solutions, prioritising them in order of need and urgency.


Latest research by Vitality shows

  • UK employees lost 13.6% of their working hours in 2018
    • 1.2% of working hours were lost to absenteeism
    • 12.5% to presenteeism
  • This equals an average loss of 35.6 days of productive time per employee in 2018
  • 34% of employees indicate they have felt unwell because of work-related stress

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