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Our R-O-P-E System® defines business risk and underpins enhanced performance

A business is similar to a bridge with four supporting pillars. If any pillar is damaged, so is the health of the business. Our R-O-P-E System® enables you to identify the root cause of health-related absence and poor employee performance within the business.



Identify and understand your employees’ health risks associated with their job roles

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Engage your employees hearts and minds to your business purpose and vision



Help your employees maintain and enhance positive mental and physical health



Identify and minimise risks to health and wellbeing in the workplace

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace, bringing an engaged, happier and
more motivated workforce, with fewer sick days and enhanced business performance.

With the annual cost of health related absence and presenteeism reported to be sitting at a £81 billion a year for British businesses*, employers have a responsibility to search within their business for the root cause of poor health and well-being at work, and do more to tackle this growing issue.

At Miller Health, we work with employers in all fields of work to identify the root cause of ill health at work. Bringing our innovative R-O-P-E System® that underpins our thinking, we help provide the best solution for your business which in turn enhances health, wellbeing and ultimately business productivity.

Employee Health Creates Business Wealth

* Source: Vitality's Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study (Jan & Nov 2019)

"Dr. Miller's advice balances individual health needs with advising the
business on how best to manage health issues,

returns to work and work place adaptation to ensure staff are able to contribute to the full and minimising business impact. Both staff and management have appreciated Dr. Miller's understanding of our people, business, her extensive knowledge and contacts in managing some very difficult cases I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller and her team to other organisations."

HR Manager UK

Global Electronics Brand